Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I've realized that whenever I feel troubled, I tend to drown myself. Not exactly with water. It could be me excessively using the internet or drowning myself in a world of sound or gorging on food or even with iced tea (which technically is water).   But either way, I do feel like Im doing this on purpose not only so I could "drown" myself but my problems as well.  This however doesn't work. Sure, for a fleeting moment it made me feel "fine" but in the end, I'm still here and so are my problems.  Problems that I single-handedly created. Problems that I cant just keep running away from. Lately, instead of doing something,  I've been wasting my time complaining to other people about them. I complain, I vent, I let them give me advice.  Though they're good and their intentions are well, that wont really help me at all unless I help myself. And I can't just keep drowning myself in their company. I know that. I'm aware. Aad I have to do something