Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dear eL,

I can't believe this is actually happening. I can barely sleep all thanks to you. Memories from the last month keeps returning to my mind. The way you'd follow me around, how you'd annoy me to death, when you carried my bag for me even when I told you not to, how the end of the day would lead to a string of your goodbyes, how I didn't think much of any of it all back then.
Now, you won't even talk to me or look me straight in the eyes. And I don't know why it's affecting me so much. I guess it bothers me how it suddenly stopped. Without a warning, you decided to ignore me. At first I believed Im only craving for your attention again, and maybe I am. But as the weeks passed by, your name keeps spilling from my mouth. And though I don't have any guts to tell you this and you may not believe me even if I did but, I miss you. 
I dont get why your doing this, or more importantly, why now? Why didn't you just ignore me from the start like how you always did? Among all the people, who knew it would be you who would leave me feel so hanging? I know I have no right whatsoever, and I probably have more things to worry about but I cant help myself. Is this karma?
You know how they said you don't know what you've got until it's gone? Well I havent felt this much for someone in a while and dang you, dang me. So here I am, waiting for you to make the first move, waiting for nothing. 

Wishing things would be like before, 


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