Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On the verge

When I arrived home today, I suddenly felt the weight crashing down. The pressure from all the school work, me being a horrible mayor, all the reprimanding, my friends being down, the projects, the shit PLUS my mom being in a pissy mood made the dam close to collapsing. I decided to hold the waterworks until the family left for dinner. I stayed home. I was in no mood for mingling and laughing. I just wanted to be left alone and sulk...and cry it all out.

But before all that, I decided to be obedient and feed my hunger. And well, after all the random nonsense with the helpers and listening to some music, I feel better. As much as I want to let it all out, the tears arent resurfacing anymore. Though I'm not totally fine and my emotions still feel like a roller coaster ride, I will get through this.


bumdebum said...

Ganito siguro talaga pag teenagers. Parang buntis forever, mood swings, mixed and emotions and all shizz. This time ang saya saya mo, then maya maya lang we'll be so depressed or BV :)

Eto siguro ang highlight ng teenage life :)

fifteentaxikisses said...

I will forever love this comment :)) To teenage pregnancy issues! :))

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